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Bristol Brilliance

Day 1 was brilliant:

The Leap of Faith was amazing and many conquered their fear of heights. Everyone loved seeing the animals at the zoo, followed by the boat trip. MOST people had a good sleep and a hearty breakfast 😀

Day 2:

 SS Great Britain saw us dressed as lords and ladies to watch the ship 'set sail', followed by an exciting (but at times, 'a bit smelly') tour of the actual ship. Then, after lunch, we took part in hands-on activities in all the exhibitions about Brunel's life and works.

Whilst waiting for the ferry to cross the river, everyone enjoyed an opportunity to chill with their friends and rest their legs.  The cross-river ferry provided a lovely, scenic and quick way to start our afternoon visit to the cathedral where we all had a sensory tour of this beautiful and historic building. After dinner, we completed the 'Le Gassick' challenge of walking up to and climbing the Cabot Tower: we were rewarded with stunning, panoramic views of the entire city, before an extended play on the local park's facilities. Then it was off to bed where everyone had another fantastic night's sleep! We were met with groans and requests to stay longer when the children were reminded, "This time tomorrow we will be on our way home." It's safe to say everyone is having a wonderful time and lifelong memories are being made.

Day 3: The final, BUSY day in Bristol!

There was Hamilton to watch at the theatre, a Franca Manco visit, an opportunity to view Banksy's artwork and experience the Bristol Museum, after the fun of packing our suitcases before breakfast!

What a credit the children have been to BPS and to the parents! They have been a pleasure to take away.  Huge thank you to the team for making this possible!