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Governance/Local School Committee

Local School Committee

Bridport Primary School is an academy within the Initio Learning Trust. Our school has its own Local School Committee (formerly known as Local Governing Body), which is charged with working with the Headteacher to ensure our school performs well in all aspects of school life, and that we retain the distinctive characteristics that define our school.

We bring a wide range of skills and experience to the role, ensuring a balance of educational and life skills to support us in making decisions regarding our core functions.

Our core functions are as follows:

Establishing the strategic direction, by working with the school’s leadership team to set the vision, values, and objectives for the school and agreeing the school improvement strategy.

Ensuring accountability by monitoring progress towards targets, engaging with stakeholders and contributing to school self-evaluation. We hold the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school, its pupils, and staff. We professionally challenge and support the headteacher in fulfilling her duties.

We hold several Local Schools Committee meetings a year. Each committee member works within one strand of school activity. These strands mirror the key School Improvement activities for the year. The School Leadership Team works with the committee members allowing us to ask questions, monitor progress, challenge performance and support all staff and children to improve learning and teaching.

Current Members of the LSC and Terms of Office Expiry
    Term of Office
Parent Committee Members James Hatch June 2025 Elected by Parents
  Anna Reeve November 2026 Elected Unopposed
Headteacher Michaela Kite   Ex Officio
Deputy Headteacher Flo LeGassick   Elected by Staff
Co-opted Committee Members Vacancy   Co-opted by LGB
  Mike Young – Chair May 2025 Co-opted by LGB
   James Ailward June 2027 Co-opted by LGB  
  Sarah Elliott August 2027  Co-opted by LGB
  Steph Simier June 2026 Elected by Staff
  Ben Franklin Sept 2027 Co-opted by LGB

Initio Learning Trust

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