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Peer Mediators

Since April 2008 BPS has invested in training Pupil Mediators. Mediation is ‘conflict resolution’ where children work to find ‘win-win’ solutions to problems that arise at lunchtime and which, if not addressed, can lead to more serious difficulties.

Mediators work in pairs and undertake one duty a week. Pupils refer themselves or may be sent by Lunchtime Supervisors when a problem arises. After agreeing some basic ground rules the mediation takes place where both children are encouraged to explain their actions and feelings as well as acknowledge those of the other person. The Mediators do not solve the problem but help the two ‘clients’ to reach a solution with which they are both satisfied.

The basic rules for successful mediation are:

Respect each other,
Only speak when it’s your turn,
Be honest
If you reveal something serious an adult will be told,
You must want to solve the problem.

Mediators keep a brief record of their work in the ‘Mediation Book’. They meet at break time on a Friday to support each other, discuss any issues that they feel need to be addressed and plan their duty rota for the following week.