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Statutory Information

To comply with legislation all academies must publish specific information on their websites as outlined by the Department for Education.

To make this content easier to find we have compiled a list of links to all our statutory information. 

It is our core aim that all pupils will achieve their potential, learning every day, so they may have choices in and about their future. We ‘learn today for our tomorrow’. We believe that each and every child should have the same opportunities, regardless of background or life experience.

BPS is committed to raising standards of achievement and attainment for its pupils. We understand that this is an issue of equal opportunities and that as a consequence of this staff should have appropriately high expectations.

Our focus for school development is:

  • Curriculum: progression of skills, knowledge organisers and quality first teaching.
  • Leadership: curriculum leaders and their subjects, Local Schools Committees and wellbeing.
  • Attendance: getting everyone here, ensuring equitable experiences.
  • Inclusion: reading, diversity and behaviour.

We have threads that run through all of these areas, linked to:

  • reading
  • wellbeing
  • quality teaching and learning
  • inclusion and equity
  • skills progression

All information on our website is available in hard copy by request from the school office


As a school, we are constantly assessing your child, in order to plan the best possible learning for them.  At certain points of the year, we will carry out more formal assessments, including sending home their school report in the summer.  Your child will be assessed against the following judgements:

ARE: 'Age related expectation'- your child is working at the expected level compared to their peers

GDS: 'Greater Depth Standard' or working above the expected standard- your child is exceeding expectations.

WTS: 'Working towards age related expectation' - your child is working below age related expectation.

BLW: 'Working below'- your child is working significantly below age related expectations. 

Admission Arrangements

Bridport Primary School is part of Initio Learning Trust and admissions policies are agreed by the Trustees for all the schools.  We welcome applications for places at our School.  Please contact the School Office if you require further information at any time.

In-year applications

Click here for information about Dorset Council's In-Year Coordination scheme

Click here for information about moving school during the school year (in year admissions).

Admissions Appeals

Click here for information about how to appeal an admissions refusal.

Click here for the admissions appeals timetable.

Useful Admissions Information

Click here to read the School Admissions Code 2021

Click here to read the School Admissions Appeals Code 2022

Click here to read the Admissions Policy 2023-2024

Click here to read the Admissions Arrangements Policy 2024-2025

Click here to read the Admissions Arrangements Policy 2025-2026

Data Protection Officer

The Data Protection Officer is responsible for overseeing data protection within the school. If you have any questions in this regard, please do contact them on the information below:

Data Protection Officer: Tracy Broadbent

Address: Allenbourn Middle School, Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 1PL




KS2 Results

Due to Covid 19, results from the academic year 2019-2020 are not available. The government will not publish KS2 school level data for the 2021 to 2022 academic year.  They have archived data from the 2018 to 2019 academic year because they recognise that the data from that year may no longer reflect current performance.

To understand how SATs are marked, when you will see your child’s results and what do the marks mean? Click on the link below which explains everything you need to know about the Y2 and Y6 SATs results.

Another useful document called Information for schools and parents: Primary school progress measures, also details the way schools measure primary school performance at the end of key stage 2 (KS2). Click on the link below to view the document.

Primary School Progress Measures


Progress Key Stage 2

  BPS 2016 BPS 2017 BPS 2018 BPS 2019
Reading +0.01 +0.4 +0.5 +3.2
Writing -3.75 +2.0 -0.2 +2.4
Maths -0.4 -0.2 -0.9 -0.1

Reading remains strong at Key Stage 2 but Maths needs to improve.

Scaled scores for each subject compared to the national which is 100.

Reading  104
Writing   –
Maths     102 


Key Stage 1 (Number of Pupils: 52)             






















EYFS Good Level of Development (GLD) – 78%


Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education) inspects all state schools in England at least every three years. After the inspection is done, Ofsted publishes a report which is available to the public. When assessing a school, Ofsted inspectors consider:

  • the school’s assessment of its own performance
  • performance data
  • pupils’ work
  • lesson observations
  • input from parents
  • discussions with pupils and staff

Pupil Premium

What is the Pupil Premium?

This is an amount of money the Government allocates to a school to support children who are entitled to Free School Meals (FSM) or have had FSM in the last 6 years, children who are looked after (CIC) and children who are from a service family. It is the aim to enable these pupils to reach their full potential and have the same learning opportunities as all other children.

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2021-22

Pupil Premium Statement 2022-2023

Pupil Premium Statement 2023-2024

Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND)

At Bridport Primary we use the definition for SEND from the SEND Code of Practice (2014). This states

A child or young person has special educational needs if he or she has a learning difficulty or disability which calls for special educational provision to be made for him or her. A learning difficulty or disability is a significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of others the same age. Special educational provision means educational or training provision that is additional to, or different from that made generally for others of the same age in a mainstream setting.

SEND Code of Practice


On this page you will find links to our Policy and Local Offer. The Local offer tells you the provision we make as a school for children with SEND. The Dorset Family Information Directory where all schools provide this information has a link to these documents for parents to access information about their choice of school.

We also have provided links to a variety of SEND organisations and information which you might find useful. If you have any further questions, please contact our SENCo, Miss Aimee Bowles, or the SEN Team

Accessibility Plan 2021-24

SEND Acronyms Explained

SEND Information Report

SEN Policy

Useful Links

SEND Website the Initio website for useful information and support for various needs.

Ascape – a support group for autistic and socially anxious young people aged 0-25.

CDC – Council For Disabled Children

Dorset Parent Carer Council


Education and Early Help

Special Needs Jungle – a website that includes parent-led information, resources and informed opinion about children and young people with SEN, Special Needs, Disability, Health Conditions and Rare Diseases.

The Community Trust – Newsletters

The Horse Course Weymouth

The National Deaf Children’s Society


Sports Premium

What is the Sports Premium?

The government provides money for new and substantial primary school sport funding. The funding is being jointly provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport, and will see money going directly to primary schools to spend on improving the quality of sport and PE for all their children. The money can only be spent on sport and PE provision in schools.

Sports Premium 2021-22

Sports Premium 2022-2023

For finance and governance information, please click the link to go to our Governance page.

For all policy documentation, please click the link to our Policies page.